Self Esteem Activities for Building Self Esteem

Building your self esteem can make a dramatic impact on many aspects of your life. Boosting your sense of self can improve your relationships, increase your productivity and open up career opportunities, and make you feel happier about yourself and your life. Not many of us have developed healthy levels of self-esteem. If you are among the many who suffer from lack of self-confidence, there are simple activities by which you can gradually increase your regard for yourself, and these are outlined below. Make sure to try a combination of these self esteem activities every day:

1. Do something that you are good at.

You might not be good at math, at cooking or dancing, but you might be good at sports. Think of something that you have always been particularly good at, and try to do them often. Focus on your work, forget about everything else, and let yourself feel good about what you have achieved.

2. Write down your good qualities.

You might not be doing well at work or in school, but you are compassionate and generous. Find out what you like most about yourself and keep that list somewhere accessible for you. Add to the list each time you realize a positive trait.

 3. Recall all the good things you have achieved for yourself.

Remembering achievements may be difficult for some. However, good memories like this can potentially boost your self-esteem knowing that even if a few things might not turn out well, you have actually achieved something worthwhile. It can be as simple as passing exams, hitting a homerun, saving enough money to buy someone a present, helping someone in need, and so on.

 4. Don’t let it be always about you.

Low self-esteem oftentimes results because we focus too much on ourselves. Remember that the world does not only revolve for you. Think about others, and know that there are countless others who are in worse conditions than you.

 5. Compliment others.

Thinking negatively about ourselves can lead us to think negatively of others as well, and the cycle of negativity will not cease. Break free from all the negativity and add in some positive energy. Resist the negative talk and compliment people around you. This will lead others to like you better, and this will build your self-confidence as well. Who knows? You might get great compliments, which can also be great self-esteem boosters. Start watching out for positive traits of others, and you bring out the best in yourself as well.

By following these simple self esteem activities everyday, you will be well on your way to building a strong foundation of high self esteem.

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